Birkie Warrior

Birkie Warrior Fever!

The Northstar Nerd will ski the American Birkebeiner this Winter ... but help turn him into a Norwegian Warrior! Here is an overview of the contest. I must submit my entry by November 1, 2008, which will be this wiki page! You, my readers will create my entry ... no wiki account is required. Help your wiki host, the Northstar Nerd, with this task.

HAYWARD, Wis., September 23, 2008 – The Board of Directors for the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF) is searching for two tough cross country skiers to dress as Birkebeiner warriors and trek 54 kilometers from Cable to Hayward on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009. The two skiers will dress in authentic gear, ski on wooden skis, and depict the 800-year-old rescue of Prince Haakon (Hō-ken), the baby who became one of the most popular Kings in Norwegian history.

Rich Hoeg's Entry Starts Below This Point! (this page is now locked down and has been submitted)

The Northstar Nerd is a Danish American with a big heart who lives in Minnesota and loves to cross-country ski. His 54 kilometer ski will help the kids of China via his Birke Bashin for China's Kids ... so should he not also rescue a Norwegian Baby of Yore? You'll often find Rich hanging out at events like Wikimania showing off both his technical acumen and Scandinavian culture. World citizens are glad to know that he will ski this premier cultural sports event. With his TLC and courage shown by his marathon in support of basic rural education in China, we believe he deserves the Bushido-ship shown as a Birkebeiner / Samurai warrior.